Katharine Cane is becoming a masochist legend with shoots like these from Kink.com. Her master gets her all to himself this time and he doesn’t let it go to waste. He binds her to a number of devices, tormenting her relentlessly and watching her struggle.

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Veruca James finally makes her way onto the DeviceBondage set with a craving for torment. Her master makes her suffer with toys and devices that give pain and orgasms that will make her come crawling back for more.

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Dani Daniels is one of those spoiled, high-end sluts who gets whatever she wants and has everyone wanting to do things for her. At DeviceBondage.com, she gets more pain than she has ever experienced and in new ways she didn’t even know existed. The girl who always gets treated like a queen, gets treated like a dirty whore who needs to be punished and it gives her the biggest orgasms of her life.

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Sophia Locke is a little pain slut, smiling and showing immense joy on her face when pain takes over her senses. She gets the most extreme spanking of her life with a 2 x 4, taking paddling to a whole new level! Her plump ass cheeks bounce and turn so pink with each spanking that it’s almost hypnotizing. This shoot features everything from a ball-gag, to caning, to chain suspension!

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Ella Nova is a natural masochist, asking to be completely annihilated in this shoot with Kink! Stepping up to the challenge, she’s made to suffer in brutal positions and intense mind-fucks that only a true masochist can enjoy.

She’s gagged with a large black ball-gag, making her drool all over herself with the help of her master. Ella’s bright blonde hair and fair skin still makes her look gorgeous even at her most vulnerable state. Her arms behind her and her legs out-stretched, she’s bound by metal piping and is teased and punished with a cane.

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Lori is 20 something year-old who has never been in porn. For some reason, she decided that here was the best place for her to start. Lucky her.

The scene starts with her hands and ankles in wood stocks. She’s then caned? She gets the zippers with the hitachi smashed into her cunt and this fresh face has no idea what feels good and what hurts. Pain is pleasure.

This newbie gets strapped to the sybian and bolted down, arms locked into strappado. Her nipples are clamped and tied to the ground. She cums and cums again. Lori has already been put through the toughest bondage she has yet experienced. So why not throw in some predicament? She is put into a custom designed metal bar system. Ankles are locked together, attached to her waist with her wrists. She is unable to move without applying pressure to the bound appendages. An ass hook is inserted, tied to her hair, to keep that pretty face in view. Watch her face of agony. Hear her whimpering sounds turn to boasts of escaping orgasms.

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Princess Donna is bound on her knees to the wall and Isis love is “helping”, and by helping we mean making Donna suck James’s huge cock. Donna struggles at the size of it as James fucks Donna pretty mouth.

Donna is then bound is the classic “fuck me” position, and has no hope for escape. Her huge tits are cruelly bound with harsh twine. Isis love enjoys licking and teasing Donna as the boys, cane and abuse her feet.

James and his cock of thunder then continue to fuck Donna into sub space. James is brutal as his huge cock make Donna cum and cum and cum. Donna, cums, squirts, moans, cums, and moans like a common whore, not the Princess we’re used to.

Mona Wails!

Mona is a newcomer who knows about bondage, does it in her personal life, and wants to take the next step. She is put in grueling devices that contort her lean body, and leave he vulnerable to brutal torment. She is exposed in a spread eagle that doubles as a modern day quartering device. There are more orgasms ripped from her body than we could count.

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Amber Rayne is one of the most seasoned BDSM models out there, she’s in for a doozy today because she’s already tapping out after two minutes. They give it another go, with some adjustments and she’s about to be worked hard.

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Pheonix takes a go here on Device Bondage she starts off squatting in high heels with her knees kept open and posture held high by a metal T. Her arms are strapped to a pole behind her and she gets a black leather chastity harness over her cunt. She then gets bound by her ankles upside down while Claire tests her to her limits. She then gets finished off with a fucking machine.

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